Training, Behaviour & Tellington TTouch

Welcome to SouthPaw Dogs!

Are you looking for assistance to raise your pup or to integrate your newly adopted dog to your family? Do you want to do something new with your dog? Or perhaps you are looking for ways to make your senior dog’s life comfortable and enriching? We are here to offer you solutions!  Please visit our new online consultation & training page. You can now join us from anywhere!

Our mission is to help owners and dogs thrive together and enjoy being together even more! We believe learning should be fun for you and your dog. Training is not only about teaching our dogs words and behaviours. It is an education to bring two different species together through understanding and respect. Training success largely depends on the relationship and trust we cultivate. Our training and behaviour modification method is dog-friendly & people-friendly, positive approach backed by behavioural science. Game-based training is fun, engaging, more reinforcing and motivating. Training games and Tellington TTouch can help develop optimism, calmness, self-control, confidence, flexibility and more. They can enhance communication and trust, prevents potential unwanted behaviours, and empowers people and dogs! Life is so much better with dogs!

We are offering both in-person and online group training, as well as online private sessions and home visit.


Qualifications and Memberships

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Mari Yanagawa

“It is such a joy and so rewarding to see clients and their dogs thrive with each other.  My mission is to help both ends of the lead to enjoy their life together.”