Welcome to SouthPaw Dogs!

This is the place where you can build anwesome relationships with your dogs and find solutions for your dog related issues. We offer group and private training sessions, behaviour consultations and various workshops through the year. Our motto is training should be fun for you and your dog!

Training is not only about teaching our dogs words and behaviours.  It is an education for our dogs and us to understand each other better so that we can thrive and live a happy life together.  The benefits of positive training are so many.  It helps enhance communication and trust, build confidence and calmness, prevent potential unwanted behaviours, empower owners and dogs, and more. Our training and behaviour modification method is dog-friendly & people-friendly positive method backed by behavioural science.  Aversive methods are not only unnecessary to teach our dogs boundaries and good behaviour, but they may exacerbate the issues, creates additional problems, and remove your dog’s trust in you.  For further information on positive reinforcement training, please click here.

The key to training success is communication, motivation and relationship.  So, we use lots of training games and play activities, as these are fun and engaging, therefore more reinforcing and motivating.  Training games are also greatly effective in developing calmness, confidence, focus, flexibility, and self-control in dogs.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 1 for Companion Animals (Guild Member)
  • DipCAPBT (COAPE) NOCN UK – Certified Behaviour Practitioner and Trainer (Member of CAPBT SA)
  • ThinkingPets Trainer Level 3 (Guild Member)
  • Pro Dog Trainer Certified
  • Member of Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

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