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Our Positive Training

Training is not only about teaching commands and behaviours, but also education for our dogs so that human and dogs can live happy life together.  The benefits of positive training are so many.  It helps enahnce communication and relationship, build confidence and calmness in our dogs, prevent potential unwated behviours, empower  dog onwers & handlers, and more.   Our training and behaviour modification method is dog-friendly & human-friendly positive method backed by behavioural science.  For further information, please click here.  Both group and private trainings are available.  

Group Training

Group training is a great opportunity for your dog to learn how to behaviour around strangers and other dogs.  For young puppies in the socialisation period, it is a safe environment to learn social skills with various new situations, people and other puppies.  If you are getting a puppy, make sure to take advantage of socialisation period.

Group training will help you improve your skills to manage your dog in an environment with lots of distractions.  

Our  each dog is individual and has his/her own learning style and speed, strength and weakness, and preference.  And so is each owner!  This is the reason for our small size classes. No age discrimination, either!  Senior citizens (canine and humans) are welcome in all classes except in the class for junior puppies.

Junior Puppy Course

This 6-week course is designed for a puppy aged between 7 weeks and 14 weeks old.  The main focus is

Foundation Course for Adolescent and Adult

Have you missed puppy class?  Have you just adopted an adult dog?  It is never too late for your dog to learn.  Even a senior dog can learn a lot.  This course is for newbie dogs with no training expeirnece.  We teach our dogs basic behaviours for good manners in this course and you can also learn basics of how dogs learn and how to teach your dog different behaviour, and general good management of your dog.  This is a 6-week course.  

Canine Lifeskills Course

Your puppy has completed the puppy course or basic training, but you think your dog needs a bit more training or you want a well-mannered dog, then this is the course for you. This 6-week course is open to older puppies over 14 weeks olds and adult dogs.  There is no upper age limit.  It will assist you to teach your dog basic foundation skills to build up good recall (‘come’ when called), ‘stay’ in a place, walking nicely, impulse control, and more.  We use variety of innovative training games you and your dog can play these training games at home, in the yard and the parks etc., then these games become part of your daily interaction with your dog.  The idea is that your dog learns not only the behaviours but also the concepts of the behaviours while both of you are having fun.  

Recall Mini Course

If you ask any dog trainer what is the most important thing you can teach your dog, the answer would be ‘recall’ or come when called.  Achieving solid recall is not the easiest thing, not because it is complicated, but because it requires lots of practice of simple tasks with a various level of difficulties and distractions, and usually our dogs love to interact with distractions!  So breaking the behaviour of recall down to small pieces and building them up is the key to success.  The effort you and your dog put in as a team will have a big reward.  You will have piece of mind and your dog can have more freedom!  Isn’t this so wonderful?


We offer hands-on 1-day workshop time to time.  Tellington TTouch workshops are offered through the year.  If you would like to be notified, please send us a mail.  

Private Sessions

How do private training and behaviour consultation work?

We offer private training for those who are not able to attend our classes for various reasons and who would like to focus on certain training issues.  We also offer behaviour consultation sessions for owners who have specific needs and wish to help their dogs’ behavioural issues. Both training programmes and behaviour modification programmes are tailor-made so that it fits into the owners’ busy schedule and suites the needs of both the owners and their dog.  These sessions are usually conducted at the owners’ home. (Other venues outside may be used, if suitable.)

During the initial session (1.5 to 2 hours), we will discuss your goals and main concern, and assess your dog.  Possible causes of problem behaviour and options available to modify or improve the behaviour are explained.  In some cases, we may use video recording.  We will also provide easy to follow instruction, which you can implement immediately to assist manage the situation.  After the session, you will receive training and behaviour modification programme with related handouts. E-mail/telephone follow-up is available.  It is important owners follow a programme and work with their dogs, to make progress.  Follow up sessions (1 to 1 & ½ hour) are offered depending on the progress and needs of the owners and the dog. The key is consistency and patience, and integration of teaching in the daily life (use it all the time!).  A few small and fun training sessions (3 or 4 min at a time) daily is much more effective than one long session a week for most of the dogs.  It can make a big difference in a long run!

The method used for behaviour modification and training is based on science-backed positive reinforcement principle.  No aversive methods (physical or psychological) including choke, prong, shock collars, shouting, hitting, may not be used.  Aversive methods are not only unnecessary to teach our dogs boundaries and good behaviour, but they may also exacerbate the issues, creates additional problems, and remove your dog’s trust in you.  Emotion leads to behaviour (and vice-versa), so we need to give space, choice, control, and time to change the dog’s emotional response.  Good relationship and partnership is the base of training success, which will prevent the future unwanted behaviour.