Can we train our adult dog?

Yes, adult dogs are welcome!  Whether the dog is eight months or eight years old, they can learn.  You can teach an old dog new tricks. Please do not dismiss your senior dogs.

My dog is not sociable.
Can I bring him to the group training?

It depends.  If your dog is stressed with a bunch of strangers and dogs, private sessions can be more beneficial.  Please contact us.

Can I bring my family to the training ground?

You are welcome to bring your family.  All members of your family should be on the same page in terms of the training.  If you have small children, please have another adult person to look after them.

Can we have two handlers for the same dog?

Yes, you can.  The important thing is both handlers are training the same way.

I am not sure about using food to teach my dog.

Everyone needs reward and motivation.  Dogs are no exception. Food is usually the quickest and easiest way to reward and motivate our dogs.  We can cut training time by using food.

My dog is not interested in food. What can I do?

You can use the toys your dog loves.  And we can help your dog work for food by making food play fun.

I trained my dog myself. Can I enrol my dog to Canine Life Skills Course?

If you have taught your dog basic cues such as sit, down etc. you are more than welcome to join the course.